Ross blames Moira for Holly’s relapse

When Pete finds heroin that has been dropped by Holly, he calls her and realises his drug addict cousin is in a seriously bad way. Roping in Ross to help, the Barton boys find Holly in a state and fear she may even be dead. Moira’s horrified when she learns her daughter has been taken into hospital, while Cain feels dreadful about deleting the voicemail Holly left her.

Meanwhile, in hospital, Ross blames Moira for what’s become of her daughter. Will Holly pull through?

When Dan turns up late to take over from Jimmy in watching over dementia sufferer Ashley, who’s unaware he’s no longer allowed to be on his own with his son Arthur, Jimmy’s annoyed. Ashley invites Dan into the pirate ship they’ve made in the garden where Dan plans to quietly get on with his revision. But when Nicola, later, finds Dan with Ashley, Jimmy is in trouble…

Wanting to score some friends at school, Liv has nicked a bottle of vodka from behind the bar of the Woolie and plans to have a party at Gordon’s and smash her dad’s place to smithereens. Will Aaron suss his little sister’s plot?