*First episode*

Ross delivers a bombshell to Cain when he angrily reveals that James told Moira he was in love with her. Mechanic Ross then goes on to tell his mum she was stupid for loving his dad James, not realising Emma was well aware of James’s feelings for Moira. In fact, her anger and jealousy about it ended in her killing him!

Later, as Emma heads out to the footbridge where she spent her last moments with James before shoving him to his death, Ashley sees her. The vicar is the only witness to Emma’s crime, but so far, his dementia has clouded his memory – but might his recollection of James’s death be returning?

There’s relief for Doug and Laurel when the police inform them Ashley won’t be prosecuted for driving without a licence.

Liv signs up Lisa for online dating and is pleased when Lisa seems into the idea. Elsewhere, Rakesh begs Priya to change her mind, but she’s made it up – they’re through.