Ross realises his split with Debbie is pretty final when Cain asks him for the keys to Mulberry Cottage as Laurel and Ashley are going to move back in in Debbie’s absence. Heartbroken and unable to contact Debbie, Ross spots an opportunity to talk to her and swipes Cain’s mobile! But Cain catches him mid-call…

When Aaron realises Robert is doubting him, he walks away, leaving Robert worried he’s lost his ex for good having made progress in repairing their fractured relationship.

Chas has heartbreak to contend with, too, as Gordon believes it’s time they called it quits to avoid her losing Aaron.

New dad Kirin is struggling. He’s exhausted from parenting a new baby and falls asleep at his desk. When clients arrive, they’re not impressed to find him zonked out.

David asks Leyla to look after Jacob while he goes to Portugal to sort things out with Alicia. Nikhil’s pleased – but Jai’s not happy.