Ross has no choice but to cave in when Charity demands £50,000 in cash – or else! Well aware she has him over a barrel as she knows he pulled the trigger on Robert Sugden last year, Ross plans a heist on a jeweller’s! Charity’s left worried when she hears Ross has disappeared – with their son! When she arrives on the scene, Ross is just walking out of the jewellery shop – will Charity’s arrival muck up his mission or save his skin?

Chrissie fancies Andy big time and is thrilled when a playfight between the so-called friends ends in a super-passionate kiss.

Megan’s frustrated when Leyla refuses to allow her back into the business. The single mum is desperate to secure some work – and the situation becomes even more serious when Megan hears her poorly newborn daughter Eliza has had a seizure. Feeling bad for Megan, Leyla backtracks.

Gordon’s got his hearing in court and Aaron is on edge about coming face-to-face with his abusive dad. Things get worse when Aaron notices someone has scratched the word ‘liar’ into the side of his car. Who’s got their eye on him?