After the kettle incident, Ross is forced to accept what a burden he is for his daughters and decides the best thing he can do is move away from them to live in an assisted living arrangement. Ruby agrees it’s the right decision, while Charlie is forced to accept it. But when Morag arrives, she tells him she made a commitment to Ross when they were married, and can’t abandon him.

Martha is feeling terrible after her second round of chemo and Jack is finding it hard watching her suffer so much. Rachel breaks the bad news that each round of chemo will make Martha feel worse.

Reading Ruby’s diary, Matthew learns she’s always wanted to learn how to surf. He tells her he is thinking about going for surfing lessons, and suggests she sign up with him. Ruby agrees, and they discuss it over milkshakes. That night, she admits to her online friend Skye that she is developing a bit of a crush on Matthew, unaware that he is pretending to be Skye.

Meanwhile, on the computer in the Diner, Matthew, is over the moon. But he flees when Jai and Annie come in and they find his chat log on the computer, catching him out.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday November 28*