Ross and Finn make a shock discovery at the farm

Wacky backy! Will Ross and Finn resort to drug dealing to solve the Barton family's money troubles?

The Barton family’s money troubles continue to go from bad to worse and they fear they could end up losing Wylie’s Farm. Finn feels guilty about the part he has played in the family’s downfall, by blowing a load of money during his trip to Australia.

But after Finn’s ill-fated turn as a male escort, big brother Ross decides there has to be a better way to make some easy money. So the brothers can barely believe their luck when they stumble upon a secret stash of cannabis being grown at Wylie’s Farm. But who does the wacky weed belong to? And will Ross and Finn help themselves and sell some of it to solve their cash crisis?

Meanwhile, battle lines are drawn in the Sharma family when Jai refuses to pay for a solicitor to represent disgraced brother-in-law Rakesh, who is in big trouble after being exposed as the Mill Cottage arsonist. Will Priya just stand back and see her hubby sent to prison?