It’s the morning-after-the-night before for Ross and Debbie, who have spent the night together. While Debbie’s worries about her daughter Sarah, Ross is delighted by the turn of events. Seizing the day, he tells Debbie he still wants to be with her, promising to take things slowly.

When the Bartons hear the lovers are back together they are utterly stunned. While the news spreads, Debbie heads to the hospital with Andy to get their daughter Sarah’s test results. They’re relieved to be told everything is fine. On their return, Chas urges her niece to steer clear of Ross.

Meanwhile, Ross heads to Pete’s caravan. He’s horrified to see his rucksack has gone. Pete then appears, holding the bag. Evil to the last, Ross explains the only reason he didn’t shoot Pete was because he spent the night with Debbie instead. Pete crumbles as Ross tells him he still wants to be with her.

At the hospital, Vanessa has never felt more alone in her life as she worries about her newborn baby. Kirin, meanwhile, decides Vanessa no longer wants him and asks out Belle!