Ross is charged with murder!

Ross tells the police that Jasmine can back up his story that he left Shane’s flat without stepping inside. But when Jasmine is questioned she lies that Ross could have been in Shane’s flat. Eli tells Debbie and Jasmine that Ross is still being questioned, but he won’t be shedding a tear after what Ross did to Marlon. Donna asks Ross if he killed Shane and he’s hurt she could even ask. Donna witnesses Ross being charged with murder and is crushed.

Ashley tells the Kings of Tom’s defaced gravestone and it’s the final straw for fragile Jimmy. The funeral is sparse and Jimmy angrily demands to know who defaced Tom’s grave before storming out in disgust. Meanwhile, Anna slips into church and listens as Carl delivers a eulogy for Matthew and reveals how much he loved Anna. They eventually lay Matthew to rest without further interruptions and Anna leaves the village to start a new life.

Carl thanks Chas for coming to the funeral and says that she got him through the day. They hug and Chas enjoys being close to him again, but before things turn passionate Chas pulls away and returns home. Back at home, Chas finds a can of spray paint and realises that Aaron defaced Tom’s grave.

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