Ross is forced to apologise to Laurel and Marlon

The court case is done and dusted but Moira’s cringeing over the verdict. She feels terrible about what Ross did to Laurel and is desperate to clear the air with her wronged friends. Just as she’s getting somewhere in building bridges with her pals, her nephew reappears. He wants somewhere to stay as Cain has kicked him out of the barn he’s been kipping in. Torn, Moira agrees Ross can return to Butler’s as long as he makes amends with her pals. It’s a decision she’s going to live to regret…

There’s shock for the Dingle and Sharma families when Charity makes the monumental decision to give Jai another chance. Debbie’s appalled about it as she feels her mum should walk away while she has the chance. But Charity loves Jai too much to let him go.

It’s pageant time for Amelia, who ends up getting a makeover in all senses of the word when Kerry escorts her to the competition. Her intervention in the little girl’s routine has Ali and Dan in shock!