Ross organises a lunch date with Chas, but Lexi turns up with a takeaway and he is thrown off guard. Ross makes an excuse to nip over to the vet’s and lies to Chas that he has to miss their date to do an emergency shift at work. Chas drags him into the back room for a quickie. Carl sees and when Lexi later knocks back Carl to see Ross he tells her about Ross and Chas!

Ashley is horrified when one of the loose slates falls from the church roof and plummets towards Alan. Ashley manages to push Turner out of the way but as the slate shatters, it leaves a painful splinter in Turner’s foot. Ashley offers to drive Turner to hospital and he later guiltily confesses to Laurel that he turned down Greg’s offer to fix the loose tiles.

Perdy turns up at Mill Cottage and tells Gray that she has had the divorce petition drawn up. Katie comforts a devastated Gray. Later, Katie has a go at Perdy for treating Gray so badly. Perdy is worried when Katie hints that she is unhappy about carrying the baby for them now that they have split.

Also, the Dingles get a final demand for Belle’s extortionate school fees.