Ross’s bitter bare-knuckle battle

As Ross prepares to take on another bare-knuckle fight to clear his debt to gangster Charlie, Debbie is panicking. Tearing off with Pete and Finn, Debbie arrives at the venue only to find things are a lot worse than she thought. Convinced Ross will win, Zak has a huge bet riding on the fight – but little does he know, the outcome has been rigged. As the bout gets underway will Ross throw the fight? And will Pete ask Debbie why she’s so concerned about his brother? As gunshots ring out someone’s is shot!

It’s Betty’s farewell do, but as her loved ones gather to say goodbye the OAP is nowhere to be found! As concerns grow over the new man in Betty’s life, she wows the crowd by making her exit in a swanky limo.

Carly’s given hope when Bob suggests he could invest in her dream to buy David’s shop. But how will he get round Brenda, who’s made it clear she’s not up for supporting Bob’s daughter?