Ross saves Gabby’s life!

Ross is back at Butler’s and it’s a good job too as Marcus wants paying. With no work to speak off, Ross nicks cash from Moira before moving on to the garage to do the same. As Ross scarpers to the bus stop, he sees Laurel and Gabby rowing. When the young girl runs off, Ross realises she’s about to get hit by a car and rushes into the road to save her! Will his heroics earn him the locals’ forgiveness?

Having taken Jai back, Charity’s trying to move on with her marriage. But her suggestion to go on a family day out leaves her in utter turmoil. It starts out well at Santa’s grotto – with her son and Jai’s lovechild – but when Father Christmas refers to Charity as Archie’s mum it’s a bitter blow.

There’s a lady waiting for Rodney in the café and Pollard soon realises she’s a client. Interfering, Pollard sends the woman packing and soon has escort Rodney on his case about it. It takes Bob’s interference to stop the old boys from fighting!