Ross squares up to Charlie

*Second episode*

So Charlie wants his money and he’s bought some heavies along to make sure he gets it from Ross and Debbie. Not wanting the party guests to find out what is going on, and to protect Debbie, Ross offers himself up to Charlie who tears off with him in his car. Meanwhile, Cain has clocked the scene, and Pete is wondering where his fiancée has got to. Back inside the pub, can Debbie celebrate while knowing Ross is probably being beaten to a pulp?

With Aaron having refused to leave with Robert, he’s lost. And things get worse when Lachlan tells him he was the closest thing he had to a dad. The teenager then disappears and unbeknown to his panicked mum, is hiding out in a barn with petrol and matches! After Chrissie calls the police about her AWOL son, she turns to guilt-ridden Robert for support.

Elsewhere, Rachel is delighted when Sam suggests she moves in with him after hearing she’s been plagued by nightmares.