Ross threatens Laurel

It’s crunch time for Laurel, who goes to court charged with assaulting Ross. Having been told she could go down for the attack – no matter that Ross carjacked her earlier this year – she escapes prison but is ordered to pay Ross’s fees. Fuming at the injustice, Laurel returns to the village where she’s promptly set upon by none other than aggro Ross, who wants his cash.

With his marriage to Charity on the line, Jai’s desperate to do anything to get things back on track in the wake of the baby bombshell. Trying to sweeten up his wife, he buys Charity a flash car. Unimpressed, she feigns gratitude then angrily takes the motor to Cain offering him half the profit if he can sell it!

A Christmas Day wedding is on the cards for Alicia and David who are thrilled. With the date in the diary, they must tell David’s recent, pregnant ex, Priya.