Ross tries to persuade Donna to leave with him

Donna picks Ross up from the prison on his release and he sweeps her up into a hug. Donna reveals that Marlon has thrown her out and she’s planning to transfer to Essex. Ross tells Donna he loves her and begs her to move away with him, but Donna turns him down. Ross regretfully packs up his stuff for his move to Newcastle and says a sad goodbye to Paddy as he leaves the village for good.

The Dingles rally round to keep Debbie‘s businesses going. Chas is furious when Carl comes round chasing the rent and she warns him to keep away. Meanwhile, Pollard agrees to grant Lisa flexible working hours so she can help out with the businesses and Lexi is furious that Pollard has given her so much leeway.

Jasmine is still missing and Ashley is seriously worried about her. Zak and Shadrach visit the Thomases to find out everything that went on and both families are sad that neither of their girls were honest with them. Zak wants justice for Debbie, but Shadrach reminds him that Jasmine is the only one who can corroborate Debbie’s story and they need to find Jasmine as much as the Thomases do.

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