Another day, another visiting order for Cain from Charity. Moira’s had enough of it and is even more frustrated when Charity’s son Noah starts blaming her for him not being able to see his mum. Ross, meanwhile, watches from the sidelines knowing his mission to try to split Cain and Moira is coming along nicely. Can he keep it on track?

Robert is desperate to win back Chrissie. But with his affair with Aaron now well and truly in the open his wife isn’t in the mood to talk. After repeated attempts to get through to Chrissie, Robert slopes off, appearing to accept the situation. But he hasn’t. The bad boy has a plan and is going to need PI Harriet’s help…

Fresh from court, Val and Diane are at each other’s throats. Bu it’s too much for Pollard, who collapses clutching his chest! In hospital, Val lashes out at Diane, sending her sister away. Tracy later arrives to support her boss and gives Val an idea when she mentions life insurance.