Having started seeing Carly, Ross is thrown to know she’s his late lover Donna’s stepsister. And he wants to know if Carly knew he was once with Donna. Despite him trying to put on a front, it’s all too much for Ross when he sees her cuddling Donna’s daughter, April. When Emma gets wind of the connection, she checks in on her son to see how the news is affecting him.

Robert continues to try to lead two lives. On the one, he’s Chrissie’s supportive husband, and, on the other, he’s the concerned lover who’s worried about Aaron’s over-exercising. But Aaron doesn’t want a bar of his concern.

It’s heartbreak time for Nicola who’s devastated not to have flown out to Dubai. Jimmy just can’t understand where she’s at with it leaving the troubled couple at a bitter crossroads…

Elsewhere, in a bid to put things right, Pearl confesses fiddling the books to the police, arranges Paddy and Rhona’s repayment and tells her bosses she’s leaving the village.