Roxy and Ronnie are back in the Square

Roxy returns unexpectedly from Ibiza, revealing that she and Ronnie had to leave the country after Ronnie attacked a man in a bar. Ronnie follows shortly afterwards, surprisingly composed, with the announcement that she’s back for good as she’s bought the boxing gym. Riled by Ronnie’s reappearance, Sharon reveals she knows what Ronnie did to Carl, suggesting unless Ronnie leaves the Square, she’s going to the police.

Sonia and Bianca are on edge as Carol and David set off to collect the results of Carol’s cancer gene test. At the hospital, Carol is devastated to learn she does have the gene. Shaken, Carol and David stop off in a cafe to prepare themselves to break the news. When Bianca calls David to find out what’s gone on, David can’t bring himself to tell her the truth, letting Bianca believe that the test was negative. Carol is furious with David.

Kat and Alfie’s relationship is under strain after Kat’s decision to lie in court for Janine to save Stacey. It’s Alfie’s 50th birthday, but with the court case hanging over them, Kat’s attempt to make things up to him falls flat.

Meanwhile, Alfie receives a mysterious birthday card from Australia. Getting rid of the card, Alfie finds himself lying to Kat.