Roxy has a go at Tracey for being late but Peggy reveals that she told Tracey to come in late to make up for unpaid overtime. Bianca asks to hold her wedding reception in the pub. Peggy is annoyed when Roxy tells Bianca it will cost £2,000 and Bianca changes her mind. Peggy is stunned when Roxy says she’s sacking Tracey and she doesn’t want Peggy behind the bar as she wants younger bar staff!

Janine visits Pat, who hints that she thinks Janine murdered Archie. Janine slaps Pat and launches into a tirade. Pat has a funny turn but Janine is unsympathetic. Pat tells Janine that Simon has asked her to live with him in New Zealand. Bianca walks in and is horrified when Pat collapses…

Denise moans to Bianca about scheming Loretta, and Bianca offers to help Denise teach Loretta a lesson. Denise and Bianca offer to help out at the jumble sale. Bianca makes a fake call to Loretta pretending she has won a prize and needs to collect it today. Denise is relieved to be left alone with Lucas. Loretta is angry when she realises she’s been duped.

Also, Bradley feels guilty for driving Becca away and brings her back to Albert Square.

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