Ronnie and Jack are still at odds, but the atmosphere between them thaws until they’re interrupted by Selina. Jack makes it clear to Selina that he’s glad he left before they took things any further the previous night. But there is unfinished business between them and they kiss passionately. Meanwhile, Roxy slips into the club and she is stunned when she sees them together. Jack and Selina break off their kiss and agree to go their separate ways.

Jane is intrigued when she finds out that Ian and Christian have been poring over the internet all morning. Ian tells Jane that he and Christian have an announcement. Ian reveals that they have decided to start a catering business together targeted at catering for civil partnership ceremonies.

Jay visits Dot with a peace offering to make up for breaking into her house. Dot is unimpressed and insists the only way she will be appeased is if he confesses everything to the police. Jase tries to talk Jay out of going to the police, but Jay is determined. Jay insists that it is the only way he will get shot of the gang.

Also, Masood visits his ill father in Pakistan, while Zainab is hiding something; Hazel is suspiciously unwell.