Roxy demands the truth from Michael

In a special hour-long extra episode, Michael is determined to get Jean off his back and he sets about framing her. After telling Janine that Jean is obsessed with him he invites Jean over to Janine’s. When Janine finds Jean at the house she tells her to get out. Roxy finds Jean frantically looking searching the Vic for a receipt after Michael says she has nothing to show that he took her money. Jean tells Roxy the whole story.

Roxy breaks into Michael’s office to search for evidence after learning Jean gave Michael the money in cash. Michael finds her and tells her that Amy’s not safe alone with Jean. Roxy and Janine argue about Jean. When they hear baby music from Jean’s room they walk in to find a doll wearing Amy’s christening bracelet, Janine’s baby scan and baby things stolen from Butcher’s Joints clients. Jean realises she’s been set up…

Afia holds a speed-dating event at the restaurant, despite Zainab’s disapproval. Afia thinks Tamwar is keeping secrets from her when Zainab wrongly assumes he’s enrolled in a college course. To pay him back she flirts with some speed daters. After a huge argument, Afia confesses she’ll never be happy in Walford.