Roxy’s solicitor tells her that she needs to get some dirt on Jack in order to win the custody battle. Roxy notices that Pat is nervous around Derek and she decides to investigate. Pat reveals that Derek is a violent man who beat up her son David and says she shouldn’t let Derek around Amy. Roxy confronts Jack and Derek at the gym about Derek’s reputation, but soon realises that Derek isn’t someone to mess with.

Tanya is grateful for Max’s support when he sees off a drunk Rainie, who is still angry that Tanya helped their father to die. Max takes Tanya to the hospital to restart her treatment and reassures her that he’s there for her. Meanwhile, Abi finds Lauren drinking vodka. She confiscates the bottle and tells her that she’s frightened too and the sisters hug.

Billy panics when Lola goes missing ahead of a visit from the social worker and he asks Abi to stand in for her. Abi convinces the social worker that she’s Lola, but just as the meeting is wrapping up, Lola wanders in and asks why Abi’s there. The social worker tells Billy that he’s betrayed his trust and he’s not sure whether Lola’s baby should be allowed to live with them.