Roxy does a runner

Roxy and Sean are terrified when they are told Amy has a collapsed lung and needs an emergency operation. Roxy blames herself for drinking when she was pregnant and she cracks and flees the hospital.

Phil gets a call from Ronnie telling him that Roxy has gone missing. He finds her holed up in the Slaters’ and ropes Shirley into helping talk her round. Roxy sees sense and Phil takes her back to the hospital. Roxy fears the worst when she sees Sean with his head in his hands, but it’s good news – Amy is going to be OK.

Meanwhile, Jack is in a dark mood and he visits Jim in the care home. Jim is delighted to see his son and Jack feels a pang of guilt for not visiting his father sooner. Jack is bitter about yet another failed relationship and hints that Jim is to blame for the way his life has turned out. Jack says his goodbyes and heads to the hospital to see Roxy and demands a paternity test…

Also, Shirley is upset when she realises she has lost Phil to Suzy; Ian makes Lucy and Peter hold a public debate to decide which one of them can have a party!

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