Jack tries to get a new passport for Amy, but needing Roxy’s signature he forges it. Amy falls off a swing while Jack’s looking after her. Michael stirs and tells Roxy that Amy’s had an accident. Roxy confronts Jack and they have a furious argument with Roxy ending up in tears. Later, Jack apologises to Roxy for making her cry. After a heart-to-heart over a few drinks they kiss…

Lucy is furious that Mandy has Ian eating out of her hand. She fakes terror at seeing a mouse and ‘accidentally’ spills coffee on Mandy’s wedding dress. Mandy complains to Ian, but he refuses to believe that Lucy would deliberately ruin the dress. In the Vic, Mandy finds out that Lucy tricked her into booking the same wedding date as Heather and Andrew’s nuptials. Mandy launches herself at Lucy and Andrew has to drag her off!

Heather is hurt when Rose suggests that there’s no need for her and Andrew to get married. She later likens Heather to a stray dog that Andrew once brought home! Andrew and Dot tell Rose to talk to Heather and apologise. Heather tells Rose she refuses to be bullied by her. Rose feels pushed out.