Roxy gets it on with Carl

Roxy confronts Alfie after the marriage annulment papers come through, revealing how humiliated she feels. When Kat offers to pay for the application, an offended Roxy hits the bottle. Increasingly drunk, Roxy flirts back when Carl starts sniffing round her, which worries Ronnie. After some wise words from Ronnie, Roxy signs the annulment papers, but later sneaks off to find Carl.

Jake is uneasy after telling Lauren to quit her job at Beauty when it’s clear Lauren is enjoying the excitement of a risky affair. Lauren is dismissive when Jake tells her they need to end things. While Sadie is out helping arrange a Christmas street party Jake meets up with Lauren. Despite Jake’s earlier insistence that they call it off, they are soon back in each others’ arms.

Dexter attempts to get the truth out of Cora when he realises that she knows more about Sam’s whereabouts than she’s letting on. Unwilling to be the one to break the news, Cora suggests Dexter speak to his mum. Confronted by a demanding Dexter, Ava stands her ground and won’t tell him the truth. Ava tells Cora she’s been turned down for the job she went for, but has been given a brilliant opportunity in Newcastle.