Sean stands outside the Queen Vic after his argument with Roxy and stomps off, unaware that inside Roxy has gone into premature labour… Archie calls an ambulance and a terrified Roxy calls out for Sean, while Archie pretends to call him as Roxy is rushed to hospital.

Sean is hiding out in the club, drinking. Roxy gives birth to a little girl, who is rushed to the neonatal unit. Mo has heard the news and frantically searches for Sean, who rushes to the hospital as soon as he learns Roxy is in labour. Roxy is furious when she sees Sean and tells him he’s had his last chance – they don’t need him. Archie is triumphant.

Jane and Christian’s mum Linda breaks down and reveals that their dad has gone off with another woman. Christian accuses Linda of making up a story to get sympathy. Linda decides to leave and Peter relays the news to Christian. Peter advises Christian not to push his mum away as he’s lucky to have one. Christian has a change of heart and invites Linda to stay with him.

Also, Whitney is miserable that she can’t get time alone with Tony and takes it out on Bianca.

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