Roxy is disappointed on her birthday when Ronnie admits that she hasn’t arranged anything special to celebrate. Guilty when it’s clear Roxy’s upset, Ronnie decides to throw a party at The Vic after a suggestion by Tina. Ronnie makes a suspicious phone call. Later, when Roxy finds out about the party she’s taken aback, but soon gets into the idea, flirting with Aleks.

Jane and Ian argue about the restaurant. Enjoying the sparring, they admit that they’ve missed each other. Grabbing the moment, Ian moves in for a kiss. Jane is furious and storms out, crashing straight into Max. Jane gets her second romantic near miss of the day later on when she apologises to Max and he misinterprets things! Jane tells Ian that they are business partners and nothing else.

Max refuses to give Lucy and Lauren a loan when the bank turns them down. After some sweet-talking from Lucy about being proud of his daughter, Max caves in. When Lauren finds out that Jake has designed the website for them, she quits. Lucy talks Lauren round, insisting there will be no more secrets between them. Later, Lucy makes a mysterious call, thanking someone for their help and agreeing to keep it from Lauren.

Also, Mick is punched by a shadowy figure when he goes to check on dad Stan.