Danny and Peggy decide to talk Roxy into buying the empty Booty hoping that owning a salon will distract her from the Vic. Roxy is keen until Ian suggests it’s a worthless business venture. Roxy tells the rival bidder she’s no longer interested. Roxy’s rival reveals he was working on behalf of his client and Ronnie confesses she’s the real buyer and wants to open the premises as a bar.

Charlie, Dot and Denise are disappointed that their campaign to refurbish the Square gardens hasn’t been approved by the council. Lucas is secretly relieved and suggests a youth project to keep vandals off the streets would be more valuable. Lucas is horrified when the friends decide to refurbish the gardens without the council’s help.

Phil and Minty discuss their taste in women. Phil holds back while Shirley is in earshot, but when she leaves he gives Minty a truthful answer about his perfect woman. Minty tells Phil that he’s describing Shirley. Later, Phil throws two women out of the Vic when they have a dispute with Shirley.

Also, Mo organises a fun run for Sport Relief; Carol quits the launderette on her first day; Lucy lies to Leon that he’s not the father of her baby.

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