Roxy helps out Ronnie

Max tells a shocked Roxy the extent of Ronnie’s money troubles. Ronnie visits Jack in hospital, but he’s not there. Roxy is at the hospital and reveals that she’s paid for Jack to be moved to the private clinic. Ronnie discovers that Danny was trying to dissuade Roxy from giving her money and she confronts him. Danny tells Ronnie that Roxy has only 200 pounds left in her bank account.

Masood tells Zainab they need to stand by their son and he’s bringing Syed home. Masood leaves and a defiant Zainab throws Syed’s belongings into bin bags. Christian learns of Syed’s suicide attempt and finds Zainab throwing Syed’s things out of the house. Christian tells Zainab some home truths, but she sets alight to Syed’s belongings.

Ben is worried when Jordan tells him he owes him for taking the blame for the whisky. Ben breaks down when he sees Phil and tells him that he had a fight with Jordan. Ben is furious when Louise laughs at his tears. Ben threatens Louise to keep quiet about the whisky or he’ll make her pay.

Also, Christian shares a drink with a handsome stranger; Billy turns to the dark side to get money.

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