Roxy hunts for Aleks’s secret

Roxy is confused after seeing Ronnie giving Aleks money, and wants to know what her sister was up to. When Ronnie refuses to give her any answers, Roxy takes matters into her own hands and searches in Aleks’s bedroom. Aleks catches her going through his drawers. Caught out, he admits Ronnie was paying him to date her. Roxy is horrified but when he reveals that he’s fallen in love with her, they make up. Later, Aleks gets a call from his wife and daughter…

Peter and Lauren talk about the recent developments in Lucy’s case and decide to find the cab driver who has come forward. Lauren interrogates the man, who reveals he drove a drunk Jake with Lucy back to Albert Square – an account that differs from Max’s statement.

DC Summerhayes makes a quick exit from Max’s after sleeping with him. But she struggles to resist the Walford Lothario’s charms and later ends up in bed with him again.

Also, Phil arranges security for The Albert without checking with Sharon first. Meanwhile, Shirley’s unconvinced when Tina reveals she and Tosh want to start a family.