Roxy is desperate as Amy is still missing

Roxy has had a sleepless night and there’s still no sign of Sean and Amy. Roxy realises that she has no choice but to call the police to report Amy’s abduction. Roxy runs into Jean in the supermarket and lets slip that Sean isn’t Amy’s dad and, not only that, he’s taken the baby and gone missing. Jean is gutted to hear the news but later, she meets up with a mysterious hooded figure in the park…

Nick shows Dot a birth certificate proving that he is named as Dotty’s father and reveals that he took in Dotty 18 months ago after her alcoholic mum died. Nick insists that he wants a second chance to be a dad. Bradley returns from his mum’s and worries that Nick is conning Dot, but she decides to let Nick and Dotty stay.

Janine decides to entertain the kids while Bianca is at work and announces that they’ll be making a cake. Janine tries to include Whitney, but she is brooding on the sidelines and slips out to get some peace in the playground. Janine recruits Liam, Tiff and Morgan into washing cars for her at Pat Cars and Bianca is furious when she finds out. Meanwhile, Whitney looks at a picture of her real mum and cries alone.

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