Alfie tries to cheer up Roxy, who is down after Max rejects her advances. They’re interrupted by Jean, who thinks they’re up to something. Alfie assures Jean that it’s all perfectly innocent. Roxy feels like nobody wants her! Roxy tries again with Max. He rejects her again, but is clearly tempted. Roxy sees Max in the Square and approaches him. Max calls her a tease and their eyes lock. The moment is broken by the appearance of Alfie.

Marsden enjoys winding up Shirley when she reveals that a date has been set for Phil’s Plea and Directions hearing. A riled Shirley demands that Jay bring Ben to her. Shirley tries to convince Ben to do the right thing, but he storms out. Marsden realises that Shirley was talking to Ben and warns her she’ll be up in court for interfering with a witness if she tries it again.

Lucy is resentful when Ian buys Mandy a diamond bracelet. Lucy is desperate to catch Mandy up to no good and asks Ben for his help. Ben gets photographic evidence of Mandy walking out of a pawn shop, minus her flashy new bracelet. Later, Mandy lies to Ian she lost the bracelet. Lucy texts the photos to her and whispers ‘gotcha’.