Roxy is in turmoil over the baby

Roxy is having doubts about keeping the baby. Christian thinks his friend is getting herself into a nightmare situation as she isn’t sure whether Sean or Jack is the father. Roxy agrees to spin some records at the club when the DJ lets Jack down, but seeing Jack proves too much for her. She slips out of the club and slumps against the wall, wondering what to do about her pregnancy.

Heather has been to pole-dancing lessons and in an attempt to interest Minty she shows him a few moves. Minty makes an effort and prepares her favourite cheese fondue, but he puts his foot in it with an unthinking comment and Heather feels hurt. Minty impulsively grabs her and they start kissing.

Patrick decides to throw a family meal for Chelsea’s birthday. Chelsea is hopeful that her mum might make a guest appearance, but she is disappointed when Patrick makes it clear that it will only be him, Yolande and Libby. Patrick realises that she’s disappointed.

Also, Libby worries she’s not enough for Darren; Zainab makes a desperate attempt to raise some money; Garry meets a foxy air hostess on the way back from Spain; Vinnie feels unnerved when Shirley is nice to him!

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