Ronnie is forced to defend her decision to go into partnership with Jack when Phil is outraged that she’s gone outside of the family. Phil demands to know why she didn’t borrow the extra money from Peggy or him. Peggy is terrified that Ronnie will let on about her enormous debt and as the situation becomes heated, Roxy lets the secret slip out.

Ronnie and Roxy have a huge row and Roxy accuses Ronnie of choosing Jack over her family. Meanwhile, Phil has words with Peggy and asks her why she didn’t talk to him about her money worries. Peggy angrily points out that he was too busy boozing and an ashamed Phil apologises and promises not to cause her more trouble. But he later heads out with a baseball bat…

Dawn dolls herself up to see Jase but she worries that she’s overdressed when Mickey wonders about her outfit. Dawn changes into something more casual and heads over to Jase’s but she’s disappointed to find Roxy at Jase’s door. Jase is surprised to see Roxy, who is still smarting from Ronnie’s betrayal and after some comfort. Jase avoids Roxy’s advances but she can be very persuasive and they are soon kissing.

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