Roxy makes a confession to Alfie

Roxy is worried when she overhears Derek arranging for Alfie to do another job. Alfie reassures Roxy that this job will be the last then later gets into a car with Derek and two heavies. When Roxy later calls Alfie Derek answers claiming it’s a wrong number. Later, Roxy is relieved to see Alfie safe and sound. A smug Derek reveals that Alfie was doing some laundry for him. Roxy realises she’s been played and confesses to Alfie it’s because Derek knows that she’s in love with him!

Ben makes out he’s going to school but instead hangs around to intercept the psychiatric report and Jay isn’t happy. When Phil finds out that Ben has the psychiatric report he demands to see it. Phil is shocked when he reads that Ben is so desperate for his father’s love that he’ll do anything to earn it. Phil wonders whether Heather’s death was partly his fault.

Masood helps Tiffany with some simple maths and Bianca asks him to be Tiff’s maths tutor. Bianca has fallen out with Max but agrees to go to Tanya and Max’s for dinner. When Morgan is caught stealing roast potatoes during the meal, Bianca is mortified. Bianca ushers the family out but not without taking the wine and potatoes with them.