Roxy has breakfast with her solicitor Jimmy, with Billy there for support, and decides not to tell Jimmy about Derek’s unsavoury past after all. Roxy and Jack go to court for the interim hearing. Roxy is devastated when Jack is awarded custody of Amy. Roxy still holds out hope of getting her daughter back when she learns there will be another hearing in a month.

Phil gets a text saying ‘I know’. Shirley later finds a note saying the same thing. Phil gets a more explicit text that says ‘I know you killed Kevin’, referring to the cut-and-shut car that Phil foisted on Pat’s nephew Kevin Wicks four years before, leading to his fatal car crash. Phil and Shirley confront Jack, wanting the blackmail recording he has of Phil confessing to Darren Miller about the car that killed Kevin. Jack looks for it, but it’s gone, along with a file of Phil’s past misdemeanours.

Zainab gets her divorce papers. Yusef is angry when Zainab says she can’t go to Karachi, as she couldn’t leave her granddaughter. Yusef tries to convince Amira to go to Pakistan too, saying he could set Syed up with a job and they could be reunited. Amira puts the proposition to Syed, who is thoughtful.

Also, Rainie sleeps with Derek.