Roxy is insulted when Phil suggests she hand over her shares because she’s clueless about business without Ronnie. Roxy drowns her sorrows with Tyler at the Vic and they share a drunken kiss. Roxy moans to Christian about Phil. Christian thinks Roxy should hit Phil where it hurts. So Roxy sells her shares in the club and introduces Phil to his new partner… Janine!

Zainab invites Masood and Yusef to their Ramadan meal of Iftar as she wants to build bridges. Meanwhile, Syed and Christian have agreed to tell Syed’s family that they’re engaged. At the meal, a terrified Syed reveals all about the engagement and there’s a stunned silence. Zainab has a funny turn and a fuming Masood storms out when Yusef steps in to look after her.

Jack suspects Michael’s recent interest in Moon and Sons is down to scheming. Carol attends the Moons’ business launch and ignores Jack’s warning to keep clear of the Moons. Michael engineers it so that Eddie and Carol are left alone together. When Jack tells Michael to keep Carol out of his plotting Michael keeps quiet about Carol being with Eddie.

Also, Kat and Alfie return from Spain with Shenice. Ian lets sympathetic nursery nurse Cheryl believe that he’s a widower.