Roxy tells Jack she loves him

Roxy knocks back the drinks at Dawn’s birthday party and she invites a few people upstairs to play spin the bottle. Roxy gets hammered and throws up over Bradley. Jack arrives and puts Roxy to bed and she drunkenly tells him she loves him, but Jack doesn’t take her seriously.

Minty and Heather have their marriage annulled on the grounds it was never consummated. The judge questions why they didn’t have sex and Minty’s forced to admit that he didn’t fancy her. At Dawn’s party, Heather challenges Manda to a karaoke duet and she’s miffed when Manda is a hit and barges her off stage. Heather sees Minty kissing Manda and she finds Dr Jenkins and tells him she wants a termination.

Lucas tells Denise that Trina sneaked into the house without him knowing and he pays Liam to back him up. Trina calls Lucas’s mobile and he hands it to Denise to prove he has no interest in her. Later, Denise invites Trina over to sort things out in a civilised manner.

Also, Minty is paranoid that Manda doesn’t fancy him; Garry gives up his West Ham season ticket to buy Dawn her shoes that she wanted; Syd tells Bradley she loves him.