Roxy tries to seduce Jack

Roxy is embarrassed when Jack reveals that she drunkenly told him she loved him. Jack finally tells Roxy why Ronnie left. Later, Roxy arrives at Jack’s in Ronnie’s clothes, clutching a bottle of wine. Roxy tries to kiss Jack, but he pushes her off and tells her that he only wants Ronnie. A jealous Roxy claims Ronnie has already found herself a new man.

Minty wants revenge on Phil for stealing his woman, but Manda confesses that she was asking Phil if Minty could have Monday off as she has bought tickets to a musical and a stay in a hotel. Later, Minty pops over to the Arches and smiles to himself when he sees Phil’s car rocking as it’s clear he’s in there with a woman. But his face falls when he sees Dawn’s new red shoes…

Denise is visited by a social worker about the note, but convinces her that it was a joke. Denise confronts Trina and Trina claims she was just looking out for Jordan. Denise books a holiday near the coast and tells Lucas that she’d like to move away from London. Jordan overhears and he calls Trina.

Also, Heather won’t tell Shirley about her pregnancy; Amira beats Janine to a job at the salon.