Roxy wants a baby with Christian!

Christian talks to Roxy about her offer to be a surrogate mum. Glenda thinks Roxy really wants a child with Christian and isn’t interested in helping Christian and Syed. Roxy thinks they’re going to sleep together and quickly backtracks when Christian thinks she’s joking. Christian leaves Roxy a ‘sample’ for babymaking. Meanwhile, Syed reveals he doesn’t want to start a family yet. Christian rushes to stop Roxy, but it’s too late!

Phil realises his financial situation isn’t good and he tells Ian he wants 5,000 pounds or he’ll tell Jane that Ian slept with Glenda. Ian finds Masood and tells him that he wants 5,000 or he’ll tell Zainab about Jane. Masood goes to Phil and asks to borrow the money! Phil works out that Ian is up to something and tells Ian to come up with the money fast or else.

Whitney refuses to come back home. Ricky is frustrated and blames Carol for the family troubles. Ricky breaks down at the thought of Bianca in prison. Carol reassures Ricky that she’ll be there for him and the family while Bianca is away. Meanwhile, Janine offers Whitney a place to stay and with nowhere else to go, Whitney is forced to accept.