Roxy confronts Ronnie, asking if she was really planning to kill Dean. After reassurances from Ronnie, Roxy defends her sister to Dean. When Dean insists Ronnie was up to no good, reminding her that Charlie has disappeared, Roxy is worried. Demanding to know the truth from Ronnie, Roxy is relieved when she speaks to Charlie on the phone. The revelation fails to smooth things over between them, however. Roxy tells Dean she’s finished with Ronnie and they head to the police station.

The Carters reel from yesterday’s events and it has made Linda question whether Mick’s really the man she wants to marry. Desperate to cheer Linda up, Mick surprises Linda with the wedding dress of her dreams. While it’s not quite as impressive as Linda had imagined, the ice is broken and the couple are reunited.

Vincent remembers he’s locked Fatboy in a cupboard and goes to let him out. When he finds Fatboy deeply shaken, he tries to get to the bottom of Fatboy’s extreme reaction. Learning a shocking truth about Fatboy’s past, Vincent encourages Fatboy to leave the past behind. Vincent suggests he change his name back to Arthur and take a fulltime job as a DJ at The Albert.