Roxy is run off her feet when Ray needs the night off, but when Kat offers to help, Roxy is curt with her. Seeing one of Ian’s restaurant contractors Jozef about to help himself to the till, Kat steps behind the bar to stop him, only to be shouted at by Roxy. After leaving the Vic, Kat sees Jozef sneaking back inside and follows as Jozef heads upstairs where Roxy is putting money into the safe…

Kirsty feels awkward when Dot asks the sex of the baby. Kat warns Kirsty that she’s going to be even more stuck in a few months when her baby bump isn’t showing! Accepting Kat is right, Kirsty steels herself to confess to Max. When she sees how happy he is after Dot gives them blue bootees, sure they are having a boy, Kirsty can’t bring herself to disappoint him.

Janine hatches a plot to get one over on Michael after learning that Michael is due a VAT inspection. Janine turns up in the middle of it and tells Michael if he wants to see Scarlett it’s now or never, knowing he’ll have to say ‘no’. Despite Janine’s game playing, Michael vows to win back his daughter.

Also, Whitney lets Lauren take her place for a job at the new restaurant.