Roy and Ken are arrested for drug dealing!

Roy has an unpleasant encounter with two rough-looking customers in the cafe and he eventually asks them to leave. Roy discovers that one of the men has left his mobile phone behind and, like the good citizen he is, he calls and arranges to return it. But Roy and Ken are followed by the police, who have been tailing the men, and are arrested for drug dealing!

Sean apologises to Tom for making a move on him. He is stunned when Marcus makes a surprise appearance and tells Sean that he loves him and wants to put things right. Sean plays it cool with Marcus, but Maria puts her foot in it and lets slip about Sean trying it on with Tom. Marcus is furious, turns on Tom and instinctively punches him!

Mel is devastated when she learns that Abi has a detached retina after the fight and will need surgery and it may effectively force her to take a desk job from now on. A guilty Mel wonders if a career with the police is really for her.

Also, Tyrone has an idea about how to boost his wedding fund; Amber has a crush on Darryl.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sean protests that nothing happened with Tom, but Marcus storms home and furiously starts packing his bags. Marcus tells Sean that he can’t take any more of Sean’s jealousy and dramas and he tells a devastated Sean that it’s over. Marcus gathers up his things and leaves the house – telling Sean he’s leaving for London.

Roy and Ken try to explain themselves at the police station and convince the police that they weren’t about to do a drugs deal. Becky confirms their story about returning the mobile phone and they are eventually freed. Roy is gutted that the police have destroyed his faithful bag and parka in their search for evidence. Roy is touched when Becky buys him exact replicas of his coat and bag and he offers her job back at the cafe.

Jerry returns home to the street, but he’s furious when he discovers that Teresa is still living there and has been playing mum. Jerry tells Mel and Darryl that he doesn’t want Teresa anywhere near any of them.

Also, Carla offers to invest in Tom and Liam’s business deal if the bank won’t stump up the cash; Tyrone decides to visit Jack in Blackpool, but has an ulterior motive.