Roy attacks Gary!

*Hour-long Episode*

Gary promises Faye he’ll find the money to replace her headphones. Meanwhile, Roy finds the teenagers loitering outside the cafe and retreats back inside. Gary uses Anna’s keys and lets himself into the cafe hoping to steal some cash, but Roy mistakes him for one of the thugs and hits him with a cricket bat. As Gary’s taken to hospital, Roy is alone in his police cell, frightened and confused.

As Gail leaves for Milan to visit Sarah, Max asking questions about his mum that David can’t answer. Later, a drunk David makes an announcement in the pub, leaving the Street reeling.

Nick offers Leanne her job back at the bistro and she accepts on condition she’s made manageress and they give the place a makeover. Meanwhile, Sean and Eva tell Erica Nick’s a changed man since he met her.

Sally’s outraged to discover the sofa was only a loan and it’s gone again. In an effort to make it up to Sally, Tim, Sophie and Maddie decorate the living room.