Roy buries his grief in work

Roy throws himself into work, refusing to acknowledge his upset at St John’s death.

Rob resents the fact he’s going back to work for Carla. Fuelling his fire, Tracy reminds him he owns 30 per cent of Underworld and should be Carla’s equal. Taking this on board Rob walks into a big client meeting, but when Michelle tells him to leave them to it (she’s now assistant manager) Carla turns on Rob and backs Michelle.

Tina tells Tommy that she’s terrified of Izzy finding out about Gary’s pass as it’ll destroy the couple she’s having this baby for. Katy’s in turmoil over what to do, but when Tina begs her not to ruin Izzy’s happiness due to a moment of madness on Gary’s part Katy agrees, for now.

Also, as Stella plans a low-key re-opening of the pub her heart aches for a struggling Dev, while Karl is consumed by guilt; when Sinead bumps into Chesney on the street she plucks up the courage to ask him on a date. Chesney accepts, but is oddly blase leaving Sinead puzzled.