Hayley silently looks out of the flat window as the world goes about its business knowing today is to be her last. Ironing Roy’s best shirt, she asks him to wear it to her funeral. Clearly pained at the idea, Roy asks Hayley to reconsider, but Hayley’s mind is made up.

Realising with dread that the time has come, Roy helps Hayley into bed, but they’re disturbed when Tyrone calls round looking for Ruby’s toy kangaroo. Sensing things aren’t right, Anna shuts the cafe and sits alone in the dark.

Upstairs, Hayley prepares to take her lethal cocktail, telling Roy he must not touch the glass or have any part in it. Weatherfield’s greatest love story has finally come to end.

Also, Chesney and Sinead are excited to move into No 5 and Dennis and Gloria discuss their concert plans.