Roy finally confronts Tony!

Roy wants to call the police and report Tony for murder. Hayley dissuades him telling him Tony was just drugged up and talking rubbish. Ted tells Maria how his partner James died of a heart attack and how lucky she is to still have Tony. Later, Tony’s discharged from hospital, and Hayley visits him at No.7. She’s flattered when he offers her the job of relief manager at the factory, as he needs some help. Roy’s sceptical and tells her that Tony’s only trying to buy her silence.

Roy confronts Tony and tells him he believes he did kill Liam. Tony remains calm and hands Roy the phone suggesting he dials ‘999’.

Graeme sends Norris on a wild goose chase to buy a crack hoe on the pretence that it’s for getting the weeds out from between paving slabs. Later, Norris interviews Horace Steel and offers him the job in the Kabin at once.

Also; Tyrone and Molly meet Jack and Connie for a drink, Jack’s in a funny mood and Tyrone wonders why; Joe plans a surprise romantic evening for Gail; Peter explains to Ken how Simon’s other granddad, George, has been in contact and is picking Simon up from school later.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tony is at the end of his tether. He tells Roy that if he phones the police he will ruin both Maria‘s and baby Liam’s lives and probably give him another heart attack. Roy is left feeling conflicted and unsure of his next move. Hayley persuades him to let his suspicions about Tony drop as he has no real evidence. Roy reluctantly agrees.

Joe surprises Gail with a meal and champagne on the back of the boat parked on the drive. They giggle like teenagers as they clamber aboard, and Gail can’t contain her glee. Joe shows her the boat’s new name, ‘Gail Force’. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Gail’s thrilled and accepts straight away.

Jack admits to Tyrone he’s worried Connie is after more than just companionship as he keeps hearing her shuffling about outside his bedroom door in the night.

Also; Kirk and Tyrone set off fireworks from the factory roof; Norris and Horace are so similar they wind each other up and Norris is appalled at Horace’s customer relation skills; George meets Ken, Deirdre and Blanche for the first time. Deirdre and Blanche are bowled over by George’s charm, but Ken’s not so sure.