Roy flips out in Freshco’s

Roy is devastated when Hayley spends the night at Becky’s after another spat. He’s feeling the strain and when he’s forced to go to Freshco’s to stock up on free range eggs he starts smashing the eggs in the aisles! The manager escorts Roy back to the office and Roy apologises for his freak-out. Hayley is called in to take Roy home and they agree that they need to resolve the tension between them.

Paul realises that Tyrone knows he’s up to something dodgy, but he is undeterred and he borrows £200 from Jack’s stash tin. Jack is horrified to find the money missing, but Paul later manages to divert his granddad and secretly return the cash. Tyrone plays detective and looks in the tin, but Jack catches him and accuses him of being a thief, despite Tyrone’s protestations!

Liam enjoys some flirty banter with Maria in the cafe and Rosie is jealous as, by now, she has a serious crush on her sexy boss. Meanwhile, Liam is on edge when Maria mentions that she just saw Carla having drinks with Tony.

Also, Gail seems to be softening towards David; Cilla is given a necklace by millionaire oldie Frank.