Roy goes missing! (Video)

Hayley panics when she discovers Roy has gone missing. His bizarre behaviour is soon explained, but it leaves even Roy feeling he’s lost all control.

When Dev calls for the rent Faye is forced to lie that Tim has just popped out. Dev’s sceptical, but he soon realises that there’s more to Faye’s lie than meets the eye as she faces her first night alone.

Over a ‘brotherly’ drink David sows his seeds of poison in Nick’s mind, suggesting there’s something going on again between Leanne and Peter. With David’s evil words ringing in his ears Nick returns home and interrogates Leanne. It’s clear she is furious with his jealousy.

Also, Norris admits to Emily he’s worried about his future and reckons when she dies her family will make him homeless; It’s an emotional rollercoaster for Tina, Izzy and Gary as they begin adapting to their new lives. The trio try to move forward.