As Anna implores Roy to open up he’s unable to bear the burden any more and reveals Hayley’s plan to end her life. Anna’s completely thrown and Roy instantly regrets his admission and rushes out. It’s clear that Anna can’t offer him the answers he wants and is concerned.

As Eileen questions Todd about his life in London he layers lie upon lie, leaving Eileen struggling to maintain her genial facade. When a drunken Alex then appears in the Rovers and Sean lets slip that Todd is now at Eileen’s, Jason senses a storm brewing and chases Alex across the road. At the Grimshaws’ Alex pushes his way in, demanding answers from a horrified Todd. As Eileen coolly explains that she’s already met Alex, Todd begins to defend his bad behaviour.

When Sally returns from the shop with sweets for the girls she’s shocked to find Tim there, who’s raced round after receiving a text from Faye and Grace saying Sally left them home alone and they thought they heard a burglar. As Tim condemns Sally she realises she’s been set up.

Also, under pressure at the Bistro Leanne considers giving Kylie her job back.